Priyanka Chopra trolled after picture of she smoking goes viral
Priyanka Chopra trolled after picture of she smoking goes viralTwitter

Priyanka Chopra, who once claimed that she has asthma, is being massively trolled on social media after a picture of her smoking went viral.

The photo shows PeeCee along with her mother and husband Nick Jonas. All three of them were smoking. It appears that a fan clicked the picture and posted it on social media.

As soon as it went viral, people started trolling her and called her a "hypocrite". While Priyanka is, of course, free to do whatever she wants to in her private life, the uproar on social media rose as she had once objected at firecrackers being burnt during Diwali. She had said that she suffers from asthma since childhood and the smoke causes problems for many people like her. She had even claimed that she does not smoke.

However, as she was seen smoking, a lot of people called her a "hypocrite". Scores of comments are being made with screenshots of her old tweets to ridicule the actress. While some of the digs are being taken with pure sarcasm, others are directly bashing Priyanka. However, some supporters defended her pointing at the probability that her asthma may have been cured.

A few days ago, Priyanka was vehemently criticised for not saying anything regarding the Assam floods. She was the tourism brand ambassador of the state, and hence, people expected her to donate for the flood victims and urge people to contribute.

She remained mum on the issue until she took to Twitter to urge people to donate for the flood victims. However, angry netizens were still not convinced as they expected more from her. It is not known if the actress has actually donated for the cause.