Assam police on Sunday arrested five people in connection with the assault on Congress MLA Rumi Nath and her husband Jaki Jakir.

On Friday night, Nath and Jakir were severely beaten up by hundreds of people in Assam over their marriage. Nath had reportedly married Jakir, who she befriended on Facebook, without dissolving her first marriage.

"Nath and Zakir were beaten up by a mob of more than 200 people at a hotel in the town where they were staying late last night," news agency Press Trust of India quoted Superintendent of Police Pradip Pujari as saying.

The attack took place at Karimganj hotel where the 33-year-old MLA and her second husband were visiting her father.

"The mob attacked and misbehaved with me. They even tried to take my clothes off and rape me. I think it was a political conspiracy. I don't who these people are and have nothing to do with them. Why have they done all these things with me I don't know? I want to know the reason actually because I have never faced it," Nath told reporters.

Furious about Nath's second marriage, an angry mob gathered at the hotel and severely beat the couple and the three Personal Security Officers accompanying them. Television footage also showed the pair pleading with the attackers to end their assaults.

"They went to a hotel and tried to take shelter when a crowd of people surrounded them and manhandled, and also physically assaulted them. We have registered a case and identified at least four of the culprits; they are being arrested. Some elements are trying to give a communal colour to this incident," NDTV quoted DGP Jayanta Choudhury as saying.

Nath's first marriage took place four years ago to Uttar Pradesh-based physician Rakesh Singh, who she has a two-year-old daughter with.

When his wife went missing, Singh filed a police complaint suspecting that his wife was kidnapped. A month later, Nath was found living with Jakir in the state capital Guwahati. Nath admitted that soon after marrying Zakir she converted to Islam and had her name changed to Rabia Sultana.

In defence of her actions, Nath said, "I have not committed any crime. I have no fear and am ready to face every situation."