Isis uses child soldiers to execute 25 Syrian soldiers at Palmyra's Roman amphitheatre in new execution video.
Isis last week released a video showing teenage children executing 25 captured Syrian soldiers in PalmyraVideo Grab

The Syrian government forces, instead of offering a decent burial to the slain militants associated with the Islamic State (Isis) and other Islamist groups, have been publicly burning their bodies together in a bonfire, a UK-based rights group has claimed.

According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), several fighters allied to Al Qaeda-affiliated group Jabhat al- Nusra were killed recently in clashes with the Syrian government forces, working under President Bashar al-Assad.

Following the fight, the Syrian forces dragged the corpses of the jihadi fighters into a public square in Jam'eyyit al- Zahraa, which is located west of Aleppo, and made a bonfire with it, reported SOHR, which claims to have received dozens of photographs of the act.

The group also claimed that the Syrian forces beheaded an Isis fighter on 29 June and burned his body publicly along with four others in Al-Hasakah, located in the far northeast of Syria.

The SOHR claimed that it has received a video from its sources in Syria, which shows the Syrian soldiers mutilating the body of a dead Isis militant by gouging his eyes out and stabbing the body.

The Syrian soldier, who is seen being encouraged by his fellow troopers, is heard telling the corpse: "...I swear by God I will drink your blood, you want to confront al-Assad's men, you attack us by gas."

The corpse is later beheaded by the other Syrian soldiers.