Badai Bungalow 2
Asianet: Facebook

The fun-oriented celebrity chat show Badai Bungalow, which was telecast on Asianet from 2013, aired its last episode on June 3, 2018, and completed a 5-year journey. As the show was wrapped up, many fans of this show shared their disappointment on social media, urging the channel to relaunch 'Badai Bungalow' soon.

Now, Asianet has released a promo video of the show that features Mukesh walking through the lounge of an apparently luxurious hotel. In the video, Mukesh announces that Asianet will soon broadcast the next edition of Badai Bungalow. Mukesh also assured that there will be more guests and residents in the upcoming show. He even shared his worries about the potential fights that may arise between old and new residents of the house.

Interestingly, the channel has given no clues whether the permanent hosts of the show, Ramesh Pisharody and Arya will be a part of the new edition. It should be noted that both Ramesh and Arya have played a crucial role in elevating the popularity of the show, and their absence during some episodes had drastically affected the show's TRP rating.

During the first episode of the show, Ramesh Pisharody was not present in the show for almost a month. Even though Asianet replaced Ramesh Pisharody with popular anchor Rajesh, the young man failed to impress, forcing the channel to bring back Ramesh to the show.

As Asianet has now aired the promo of 'Badai Bungalow 2', audiences are eagerly waiting to know whether Ramesh Pisharody will be included in the show as a permanent host. If Ramesh Pisharody is not a part of this show, then in all probabilities, it will affect the popularity of the program for sure.

Ramesh Pisharody is now not a complete anchor. He had already made his debut as a director in Mollywood with the movie 'Panchavarnathatha'. The film became a moderate hit upon its release and Pisharody is now apparently busy with his new directorial venture titled Ganagandharvan, starring Mammootty in the lead.