The Deadite horde is unstoppable, and it seems that while trying his best to ward them off, Ash gets bitten by one of them and turns into a Deadite himself in the latest episode of "Ash vs Evil Dead" titled "Ashes to Ashes".

To watch how Ash turns into a Deadite and whether he finds a way to return to normal, CLICK HERE.

The synopsis mentioned by says before being able to end the Evil, Ash must first contend with more physical nightmares from his past, while Fisher confronts a scary change in Ash.

In the movie "Army of Darkness", a villainous version of Ash, known as Evil Ash, had once possessed him and it seems the recent changes in Ash might bring back that Evil Ash.

Though there is no such official confirmation, Ash is showing every single trait of turning into Evil Ash. Fans of the original Evil Dead films can relate to the changes in "Army of Darkness" easily.

Now, to fight against evil, Ash has to be strong enough to face his nightmares of the past and continue on his journey because apparently, he is left with no other option for now.

Besides, Amanda Fisher unknowingly witnesses Ash's transformation and is horrified. Though she doesn't dare ask him about it directly, she is sure the transformation didn't happen for anything good and will lead to some ominous events.

In the previous episode titled "Fire in the Hole", Ash and the others turned to Lem's survivalist group for help. However, by the time the Deadite fighters got there, it was too late.

Meanwhile, Ruby discovered that Ash's severed hand is missing.

Things are going to be more action-packed, more thrilling and of course funnier in the upcoming episode of "Ash vs Evil Dead", and if Evil Ash returns, that would be a cherry on the top indeed.