In the upcoming episode of 'Ash vs. Evil Dead" titled "Bait," after a series of unfortunate events, it seems Ash's loyal sidekick Pablo gets bitten by a Deadite and turns into one.

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According to the official synopsis of the episode, "special agent Fisher is on a hot trail to find Ash. In a crazy battle, Pablo gets his first taste of blood. An unexpected revelation changes Kelly's life forever."

Though the synopsis may mean that finally Pablo gets to kill a Deadite, it also suggests that he may turn into one after getting bitten.

However, before that happens, Ash and Pablo will find out that Kelly has gone and she has taken the book of Necronomicon with her. Ash suspects that she has become a Deadite and hence taken the book to release the demon.

On tracking her down, both Ash and Pablo decide to break in her house with their guns and Ash's iconic chainsaw. However, when they confront her, she seems to be in perfectly normal condition without showing any odd trait.

After Ash and Pablo leave, Kelly witnesses something that changed her life forever. It is not yet revealed what it could be, but most probably, she will find a precious source that will answer all her questions.

Besides, a special federal agent is on the hunt for Ash to find answers regarding defeating the Deadites that are creating havoc around the city. However, Ash is not convinced that the agent's motive is this simple and hence, he is on a run from her.

In the previous episode titled "El Jefe," after having years of peaceful and good life, Ash mistakenly managed to bring the Deadites out of the dead. While hanging in a bar, he tried to hook up with a girl, only to find that she was a Deadite in disguise.