In the premiere episode of "Ash vs. Evil Dead" titled "El Jefe," Ash (Bruce Campbell) is all set to bring havoc upon the Deadites that are back from the dead.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Ash will be heading to a bar where he encounters a Deadite disguised as a woman.

Ash is living a life of a carefree person who resides in a van trailer and has become a womaniser. However, little does he know that a surprise is waiting for him that will soon unleash the dread of his past.

Comic Book has mentioned that "Ash vs Evil Dead" is expected to air on Starz this Halloween with the premiere episode and the next 10 episodes of season 1 will follow afterwards.

The series has been rated TV-MA as it has a number of adult-themed references including sex, violence, language and gore.

The four-minute promo of the premiere episode also has a scene where Ash is having a sexual intercourse with a woman in the bathroom.

However, the most intriguing element of the series is the personality of Ash, who has significantly aged since his last encounter with the Deadites and mocks his own style in a funny manner.

As he goes out for the night out, he re-enacts the iconic scene where he is stretching himself into a girdle and is suiting up boisterously.

From the looks of the promo, what seems interesting is that after spending years struggling to get out of after-world fighting the Deadites, Ash still manages to maintain his cheesy nature and hit on women. However, the promo also clearly showcases that things are going to worsen soon for him.

Watch the video below: