Aschraf Mahmud

Aschraf Mahmud has come of age in the business world. From bagging a degree in Business Administration from a German university, the University of Bonn, he has successfully built a business that spans real estate to business consultancy, importing to exporting.

In 2015, after his education, he relocated to Dubai where he saw tons of business opportunities, and started his company, Aras Group, to leverage these opportunities to build a business empire. He started with real estate where he established himself as one of the leading real estate investors and developers in the United Arab Emirates before extending his business to other parts of the world.

Besides real estate, he is an importer and exporter who specializes in exporting tea and coffee from India and Sri Lanka to several Middle East and European countries such as
Finland, Lebanon, Germany, Bahrain, and several others.

Core Areas

Recently, he has branched into angel investing as the Germany-born entrepreneur looks for innovative businesses that will change the world and invest in them. Understanding the importance of innovation to global development, he has invested in a lot of innovative businesses with the potential to have a huge positive impact on the business world and the world in general.

According to the entrepreneur, most innovative businesses are cash-strapped and struggle to meet their goals and mission. By investing in them through his Aras Group, his mission is to provide the financial and other resources that these businesses need to scale through and unleash their potential to the world.

The investment opportunity isn't exclusive to a business niche. The company invests in innovative businesses across several niches such as services and products connected with sustainability, broker platforms, innovative cryptocurrency projects, and more. The company is extending this investment opportunity to different sectors of the global
economy provided the business meets specific requirements such as innovation, a great user base, a great team, and others.

With his interest in innovative businesses, his group is using its experience and financial strength to support global innovation that will make life a lot easier for people while creating employment opportunities for them. If you have an innovative business, Aras Group opens its doors for you. Contact the group and get the needed funding for your business. It's a way to give your business exposure and everything it needs to grow.

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