The special NDPS court is hearing the bail plea of Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan today. During today's hearing, the Additional Solicitor General (ASG) alleged that Aryan Khan has been consuming contrabands for several years. He also added that the drugs seized from the possession of Arbaaz Merchant were for Aryan Khan's usage as well. 

Aryan Khan

Live updates

04.50: The NDPS Special Court reserves order of bail application for October 20. 

04.30: Aryan Khan's lawyer states that casual conversation between friends may seem suspicious. 

04.10 PM: Amit Desai says that instead of reforming people, NCB is putting people in prison.  

04.05 PM: Amit Desai says that the mobile phone was seized without a seizure memo. 

03.45 PM: Advocate Amit Desai who is appearing for Aryan Khan says that there is a procedure of law, and we should follow this. 

03.38 PM: ASG says NCB will ultimately find out how these people are connected in this drug syndicate. He also added that this is not the appropriate time to grant bail. 

03.32 PM: "I disagree. They are not kids. This is our future generation. The entire country will be depending on them. This is not what our freedom fighters in the land of Mahatma," says ASG. 

03.17 PM: ASG cites one more judgment where the accused is in prison for three years under NDPS, even without recovery. 

03.15: ASG cites another judgment that hints at the fact that recovery is not necessary for NDPS Act to put a person behind the bars. 

03.10 PM: ASG talks about the applicability of Section 37. According to section 37's mandate, while granting the bail, the court must see that the accused will not commit any offense while in bail. 

03.05 PM: ASG talks about previous related cases. Quoting the words of the honorable Supreme Court of India, ASG says that there cannot be direct evidence of conspiracy, as it happens in secrecy, and only the conspirator will know about it. 

02.00 PM: Hearing adjourned for 02.45 PM for lunch. 

01.50 PM: The ASG informed the court that bail cannot be granted for Aryan Khan. 

01.47 PM: ASG revealed that innocent until proven guilty is not applicable in cases that come under NDPS Act. 

01.43 PM: ASG states that the presumption is of culpable mental state in cases that come under the NDPS Act.