The NDPS Special Court has adjourned the bail hearing of Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan till tomorrow. According to court updates, the hearing will begin at 12.00 PM tomorrow. During today's hearing, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) alleged that Aryan Khan and his friend Arbaaz Merchant are directly involved in illicit procurement and distribution of contraband. 

Aryan Khan
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05.36 PM: Aryan Khan's bail plea hearing adjourned till tomorrow. 

05.35 PM: Ami Desai requests to keep the hearing at 11.00 PM, while ASG says he has a fixed matter in the High Court. 

05.34 PM: ASG says he will proceed with his arguments tomorrow at 12.00 PM. 

05.26 PM: ASG states that Aryan Khan has retracted his statement under 67 of the NDPS Act. 

05.23 PM: Court is now reading Khan's voluntary statement. 

04.56 PM: ASG Anil Singh claims that Arbaaz Merchant has communicated with drug peddlers. 

04.52 PM: In a WhatsApp chat, there is a mention of ''bulk quantity'', which means, it is not for single use. He added that the release of even one accused will badly affect the investigation process. 

NCB's reply to the Court

04.50 PM: Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh who is appearing for NCB states that this case is not centered around drug consumption of just one or two people, instead, it is all about an entire chain of narcotics empire. 

04.11 PM: Desai mentions a series of previous judgments related to the seizure of small drug quantities.

03.54 PM: Amit Desai says Sec 27(A) and 20 (B) of the NDPS Act is not applicable for Aryan Khan. It should be noted that Section 27 (A) deals with illicit traffic of contraband, while 20 (B) is associated with possession of drugs. 

03.41 PM: "They just arrest anyone, and then say one is a supplier, and financier. Later, they will apply conspiracy," argued Desai. 

03.40 PM: Amit Desai says that the NCB does not have the right to catch people who have nothing to do with the ongoing drug case. 

03.30 PM: "Drugs were not seized from the possession of Aryan Khan, and he has neither used it or sold it," said Amit Desai. 

03.28 PM: Aryan Khan's lawyer Amit Desai claimed that nothing was found in the possession of Shah Rukh Khan's son. He also made it clear that Aryan Khan did not have cash with him, which means he did not pay anything to consume drugs. 

03.09 PM: Salman Khan's lawyer Amit Desai argues for Aryan Khan. 

02.50 PM: Lawyer for accused No.04 (Mohak) argues that the NCB is doing this intentionally and pure injustice is being served. 

02.45 PM: "The court asked us to file a reply for the first three accused and based on that, we are filing," said Adv. Advait Sethna, who is appearing for the Narcotics Control Bureau. 

"The ingredients of conspiracy are clear and evident. One of the applicants cannot be considered in isolation," NCB told the court during the bail hearing. 

It was on October 02, 2021, that Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Khan, and Munmun Dhamecha, along with several others were arrested from a cruise ship that was en route to Goa. Investigation officers seized cocaine and hashish from the accused, and upon questioning arrests were made. 

The arrest of Aryan Khan literally shocked the entire Indian film fraternity, and several Bollywood superstars extended their helping hand to Shah Rukh Khan. On October 04 and 07, bail applications were moved for Aryan Khan, but both of them were rejected by the court. Shah Rukh Khan, until now, has not reacted to Aryan Khan's arrest and legal proceedings in connection with the drug case.