What makes Arvind Kejriwal so popular? Well, apart from his trademark muffler, spectacles and dharnas; what makes him so lovable among the masses is the fact that he has the guts to apologise and goof-up yet again! The man errs and how! But, it is his 'aam aadmi' approach that has struck a chord with the nation and makes him so relatable. What makes him even more popular is the fact that he has never tried to proclaim himself as the 'did it on my own' sort of person. At every step of the way, he thanked his wife Sunita for standing behind him rock-solid no matter how dark and trying the days were.

How did the love story begin?

Sunita Kejriwal had qualified for the Indian Revenue Service and it was at the National Academy of Administration in Nagpur where the two met. The two became friends and started spending their evenings together. While Arvind loved her being so practical and rationale, Sunita always appreciated Arvind's honesty and commitment towards the nation. It was evident to everyone in their friend circle that they had feelings for each-other but the two couldn't gather the courage to say that to one another.

Sunita and Arvind Kejriwal
Sunita and Arvind Kejriwal

However, when several months passed by and Arvind realised it might soon be time for the two of them to get posted at different places, he knocked at her door and proposed to her. He was scared that she would reject him but Sunita instantly said 'yes'. The two were happy together and soon informed their families.

Engagement and wedding

The couple got engaged in August 1994. However, they didn't want to immediately get married and sought two months from their families. In these two months, the two of them used to go out for movies, dates and did everything a normal couple does. It was in November 1994 that the two got married. The couple has two children – a daughter and a son.

Love for wife

After his phenomenal win in Delhi, Arvind had held his wife by her shoulder and had said that though she never came in the limelight, she was the reason he kept moving forward. In a nutshell, that's what makes Kejriwal the 'Raj' of Indian politics, ain't it?