Aruvi.PR Handout

Tamil movie Aruvi has opened to fantastic reviews from the critics and audience. Unfortunately, cancerous piracy has hit the movie which is expected to take a toll on its collection at the box office.

Aruvi introduces Aditi Balan, who has come out with flying colours. Her performance backed by a solid story has also won the hearts of the viewers.

The film tells about the social anguish of a girl played by Aditi Balan. It is a movie that touches the audience with all forms of emotions. It is a film that falls into the categories of heart-wrenching as well as heart-warming drama.

However, piracy is expected to take a toll on the business of Aruvi. Tamil Rockers and a few other sites have uploaded the movie in less than 12 hours after the first show of the film. While some of the pirated prints of the film are of low quality, there are a few sites which have got hold of decent quality prints of the movie.

It appears that some of the pirated prints of the movie have been recorded in theatres, and it is actually surprising how one can do that without coming into anyone's notice.

The Tamil film industry, like other industries, has often fallen victim to piracy. Vishal, the president of Producers' Council and secretary of Nadigar Sangam, has tried to take a few measures to prevent piracy, but his efforts have gone in vain.