Arvind Swami at 15th Chennai International Film Festival
Arvind Swami inaugurates 15th Chennai International Film Festival in Chennai.Chennai International Film Festival Website

South Indian actor Arvind Swami joined the intolerance debate and expressed concern over the society becoming a closed one. Arts and cinema evoke violent responses from a section of society and such voices are growing "louder and louder" by each passing day, he felt. 

The actor was addressing the gathering at the 15th Chennai International Film Festival. "I feel that we are becoming closeted as a society. Intolerance is also growing louder and there are voices being raised against films," Arvind Swami said while reacting to the recent Padmavati controversy.

Vatsayana wrote Kamasutra in the 2nd century. But, even after 2000 years, showing a kiss sequence or lovemaking scene in Tamil cinema is considered a taboo. It might also face the wrath of the censor board, the Bombay actor said. 

Recalling his childhood days, Arvind Swami said that violence used to be glorified in movies, while love scenes were never depicted. "We never saw people in love kissing or making love. It was everything about violence and violence. Sadly, that is what I remember watching while growing up. I don't understand why it became a taboo," the Thani Oruvan actor was quoted as saying by India Today.

The 15th Chennai International Film Festival kick-started on Thursday, December 14. The event is organised by the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation in association with the National Film Development Corporation.