Aruvam / Vadaladu
Aruvam / VadaladuTwitter

Director Sai Sekhar's Tamil-Telugu bilingual movie Aruvam / Vadaladu (Vadhaladu) starring Siddharth and Catherine Tresa has received mixed review and rating from the audience.

Aruvam is a Tamil comedy horror film, which has been dubbed and released in Telugu, to cash in on Siddharth and Catherine Tresa in the Telugu states. Sai Sekhar has written the script and dialogues for the movie, which has been produced by R Soundarya and Deepa Iyer under the banner Trident Arts. The flick has received a U/A certificate and its runtime is 2.10 hours.

Aruvam movie story: It is about a food safety Assistant Commissioner Jagannathan (Siddharth) who falls in love with a teacher (Catherine Tresa) who has a good sense of smell. He joins hands with her to fight the practice of food adulteration and its devastating effect on people. How the two succeed forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Aruvam has dealt with strong social issues about food safety and adulteration of foods. The director has nicely blended these social causes with supernatural elements. The first half has routine romance, songs and horror scenes. But then things get serious after the interval and the second half is good, says the audience.

Performances: Siddharth and Catherine Tresa have delivered brilliant performances and their chemistry is the biggest highlight of Aruvam. Kabir Duhan Singh, Sathish, Aadukalam Naren, Madhusudhan Rao, Stunt Silva, Elango Kumaravel and Raja have done justice to their roles, say the viewers.

Technical: Aruvam has decent production values and picturisation, music, action choreography, and special effects are the attractions on the technical front, add the audience.

Aruvam / Vadaladu
Aruvam / VadaladuTwitter

Aruvam / Vadaladu movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' response to the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see the audience's reactions.

Manigandan KR @cineobserver

#Aruvam is that kind of movie that is not bad enough to be trashed or good enough to be glorified. It is another run-of-the mill story & looks to highlight the issue of food adulteration. It succeeds in creating an awareness but fails miserably to entertain! #AruvamFromToday

Christopher Kanagaraj @Chrissuccess

#Aruvam - Arruvai. Sid & Cat couldnt save this badly written & directed film. Thaman repeats 'Sketch' bgm. 1st half is complete crap with boring romance & horrible horror scenes. Post interval 1st 20 mins fud inspection portion is gud. After tat it goes into death mode. Worst!

Review Ram @MovieReviewRam

#Aruvam (Tamil) - 2/ 5. An outdated revenge horror flick that is neither emotional nor entertaining. Making is amateurish too. Has a smart & fit #Siddharth on board and just one good scene for him, that's all. A lot of needless subplots, nothing is knitted properly. ARUVAI...

Unbiased Movie Reviews @bijupeter

#aruvam interval. Interesting twist but it could have been told in 20 minutes. Instead takes 60 mins with long romance @CatherineTresa1 is the hero in this as of now. Repeated locations seen in hundred films, why can't people choose new locations @Actor_Siddharth

Manigandan KR @cineobserver

The first half of #Aruvam is boring, exaggerated and far from exciting. A run of the mill kind of film that is far from convincing. Both @Actor_Siddharth and @CatherineTresa1 fail to impress! #AruvamFromToday #Aruvam #AruvamReview #aruvamfromoct11th #Siddharth #CatherineTresa

BuzZ Basket @ursBuzzBasket

Intro , Catherine entry It's Show Time #Aruvam #Vadhaladu Starring Siddharth Catherine Tresa First Half * Routine Love Track * Songs * Horror Scenes * #Thaman's Bgm & interval bang

Cinemapatti @cinemapatti

#Aruvam 1st half :- "Woowie Entertainer" , Good graphics , unpredictable interval block, Expecting a social message 2nd half. #Aruvam 2nd half :- "Food safety inspector" is a new one , Siddharth's Rare commercial flick , Very much important Content "BEING A HEALTH INSPECTOR, I'm so proud to have this movie about my department" thanks to the Director and the team.. 3/5 #Aruvam

ASURAN @kollywoodnow

✨ @Actor_Siddharth in Action Packed Film will not Easily Materialise like Other Commercial Actors. Unless #ARUVAM ‍ have a SOLID Content ⚓️ , He would have Chosen it. #AruvamFromToday , Will be Definitely a Worthy Watch Film. @Deepa_S_Iyer @tridentartsoffl

Enowaytion Plus Vijay @VijayImmanuel6

#Aruvam Review: We can consider the social message and incidents shown in this movie about food safety in the second half Apart from that Don't expect anything Don't know why director Sekar included Pei In This Movie A watchable movie only once #EnowaytionPlus #EPlusSquad

TamilMoviesCritic @tamilmovicritic

#AruvamReview #AruvamFromToday #Aruvam Moviee is about food adulteration that we intake on daily basis - Very old Horror Screenplay - No Grip in the story and the horror sequences - Good Social message on foods Verdict: Same old horror script with revenge plot Rating: 2/5

Shahul Thalapathy @NehaSree10

@Actor_Siddharth's #ARUVAM / #VADALADU. BY STARTING ITSELF IT CARIES A VERY GOOD CONCEPT ALONG CATHERINE And Siddarth ACTING LOVE Scenes between Siddarth and Catherine Are And Good @MusicThaman BGM Was Excellent Interval bang Horror Episodes Will get u to seat edge


#Vadaladu: The story looks very intriguing with great visuals and amazing performances by #Siddharth and #Catherine @Actor_Siddharth is seen in an out and out action role after a long time. @MusicThaman BGM is pretty good. Overall, Passable social Drama. Rating : 3/5