Arun Sankar Rajendran

We live in a time with the most competitive global market ever. For businesses to succeed, it requires something unique – something that lets their business grow instead of the hundreds of competitors that also are trying to increase their market share. This is where Arun Sankar Rajendran comes into the picture. He claims to be Asia's youngest business developer with an immense knowledge in growing businesses. He runs a Business Development agency called Mophra where he helps business owners and large corporations to grow their business at an extreme rate by going to market strategies and advertising. No matter if it is a completely new-born business or a well-established one, he says he can get the work done. In other words, he has a unique ability to enter a business and help them prosper, according to him.

The developer started building businesses at a very young age and has had a lot of success with his endeavors. His company is said to have dealt with more than 20 premium clients and helped them take their business to the next level. He along with his team gather critical advertising and sales insights and make data-driven decisions. Among the many other agencies that exist in Asia, he is considered one of the best and stand outs for their tailored solutions and work ethic.

As he started his business journey with his agency, he quickly realized a few things. Firstly, it was clear to him that people pay only for the results. This was an important realization and what initially created his relentless focus on delivering outstanding results to his clients. Secondly, it is important to realize that every business on the market is unique. No business can simply copy someone else's strategy but needs its own unique strategy that is tailored for its own specific situation and last, it became clear that all the small things in a business that many agencies forget to focus on actually are the key factors to success.

When he enters a new business, he says his approach is to first think through long-term solutions and then boil them down to short-term solutions. This way, he always has the bigger picture in mind while also being able to deliver short-term step-by-step solutions for the business to follow.

Other than being a hardcore entrepreneur, he says he also enjoys helping new entrepreneurs and students to follow their business dreams. "I always have fun when I meet the founders, they dream of changing the world into a better place and I help them with the right strategies to achieve the dream." he is quoted as saying.