Arshi Khan and Shahid Afridi
Arshi Khan and Shahid AfridiTwitter/Facebook

Indian model and actress Arshi Khan has again triggered a controversy, saying she is pregnant and adding that Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi has accepted her. Arshi revealed her pregnancy on Twitter, adding she would deliver her baby in Bhopal.

While Arshi has been expressing her love for Afridi on Twitter, the controversial diva has now said the cricketer has accepted her and their relationship. Afridi is already married to Nadia Afridi, and the couple has four daughters.

In an interview with Dainik Bhaskar, Arshi said she was three months pregnant and her mother would be very happy if she was pregnant with Afridi's baby. Mentioning the cricketer's recent comment when he had said he gets more love in India than Pakistan, Arshi said he was actually referring to her love for the athlete.

She further said acceptance does not mean they (Arshi and Afridi) have to stay together as they both are busy with their professional commitments. In her concluding lines, she said Afridi is Bhopal's son-in-law. Although the model has confirmed her pregnancy, she did not clearly say she was pregnant with Afridi's child. However, confirming her pregnancy and simultaneously saying Afridi has accepted her certainly gives the impression she is pregnant with the cricketer's baby.

Earlier, the actress had grabbed headlines when she took to Twitter and said she had an intimate relationship with Afridi and was pregnant. However, in a subsequent interview with International Business Times, India, Arshi said she was not pregnant and it was a false alarm.

"Did I ever say I was pregnant with Afridi's baby? Actually to set matters straight, it was a false alarm. A proper test has confirmed now, that I am not pregnant. Even I was shocked and surprised, because I had not made out for a long time, yet I skipped my periods for two months in a row and when I just ran an OTC (over the counter) test, it came out positive. So, I was scared like hell. But a detailed test showed that I just had some hormonal issues," Arshi had said earlier.

Afridi and the rest of the Pakistan cricket team are currently in India for the upcoming ICC World T20, with a clash against India slated for March 19 at Kolkata's Eden Gardens.