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Arsene Wenger has not been able to inspire his Arsenal players to victory in the last few weeksReuters

Jose Mourinho, after getting ticked off by Arsene Wenger when the Arsenal manager gave credit to Claudio Ranieri for building the core behind Chelsea's early success under Roman Abramovich, said it is a privilege to have a job where you don't have the fear of getting sacked, no matter what result, earlier this season.

That, of course, was another of Mourinho's many rather petty jibes at Wenger, even if this one had a bit of truth in it.

Irrespective of Arsenal's success or lack of it over the past decade, Wenger has never really been in trouble regarding his job. The Arsenal fans might have called for Wenger to be sacked plenty of times over the past 10 years, but the board have never even seriously considered it yet.

With results and trophies picking up as Arsenal went on to win consecutive FA Cup trophies, this was supposed to be the season when Wenger would finally win the Premier League title with his team again, after a 12-year gap.

However, after another promising start, it's all gone rather pear-shaped, with North London rivals Tottenham looking quite capable of finishing above Arsenal at the end of the season for the first time in Wenger's era.

Arsenal are not playing confident football anymore, with the pressure of a title run clearly getting to them. As much as Wenger might want to blame other forces for Arsenal's recent woeful run, the issue lies with the manager and the players. The Frenchman just hasn't been able to imbibe the mental qualities required to win a Premier League title into his players.

While Claudio Ranieri instils confidence and a win-at-all-costs attitude in his much-less-fancied Leicester City squad, Arsenal's seem to be going the opposite way when the heat has been turned up.

With the confidence of the fans in the Arsenal team quite low and the feeling of this really might be the beginning of the end of the Arsene Wenger era building, the club's board members are finally considering making a change.

If Arsenal get knocked out by Championship side Hull City in the FA Cup replay Tuesday, the board members will "invite" Wenger to step down from his post, according to the Daily Express.

The report claims Wenger's job will be considered safe only if Arsenal go on to win another FA Cup and/or the Premier League title this season.

Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira, currently with New York City FC in the MLS, is being lined up as a successor, while Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid and Southampton's Ronaldo Koeman are also seen as possible candidates to take over from Wenger.