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People can get really adventurous in bedrooms and they like to try out different things in between sheets. While sex is generally a hush hush affair in many religions, it plays a vital role for some like Wiccans and Aghori Sadhus. It is said that some Wiccans believe vital life force is most easily experienced through sexual activity. On the other hand, Aghori Sadhus are said to have uncommon and grisly rituals surrounding their sexual activities. It is said that they have sexual intercourse with corpses.

However, there are other communities across the world, who have bizarre sex rituals. Check out some of them here:

Armpit-flavoured apples

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Some rural communities in Australia, women feed their partner armpit-flavoured apples. Girls do a dance with apple slices stuffed in their armpits, following which they offer it to the suitor of her choice and he eats it.

Love huts

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In Cambodia, The Kreung Tribe build love huts where young girls sleep with several men for several days. This goes on until the girl finds the man with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life.

Semen eating

In New Guinea, The Sambian Tribe remove separate their young boys from the presence of all females. These boys, who are in the age group of seven to 10, get their body pierced and consume large amounts of sugarcane to induce nose bleeding and vomiting. Their logic? It removes any contamination brought upon by women.

Moreover, the boys also consume the semen of their elders and the tribe's mightiest warriors. It is believed the semen gives them strength and bring about growth.

Sex amongst children 

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Another tribe in Papua called the Trobriander Tribe make their children engage in sexual activities. According to reports, boys start having sex from the age of 10-12 and girls from the age of 6-8 without any social stigma.

Wife stealing

In the Wodaabe tribe of Niger, men steal each other wife during a local festival called Gerewol Festival. Generally, their marriage is fixed during infancy with cousins. During the festival men wear elaborate costume and dance so that they can get themselves a new wife.