germany police
[Representational Image]Reuters

An armed bank robber on Thursday took two persons hostage at a bank in Duisburg, a German city located 17 miles north of Düsseldorf on Thursday (March 16).

Police personnel reached the area and sealed off roads adjacent to the Sparkasse Bank branch where the incident occurred.

The police stormed the building and found two hostages in chains, however thye robber was nowhere to be found, according to reports.

The hostages included two employees of the bank and one among them is a woman. The police were reportedly alerted about the situation at 8.40 am, about 20 minutes ahead of the bank's opening.

A police helicopter was also drafted in to help with the incident.

It is still not clear how the hostage taken evaded the police. He is belived to have other accomplices who helped him in the incident.