A bomb scare gripped a Thalys train in Rotterdam after an armed man believed to be carrying a bomb locked himself inside the toilet of the train on Friday.

Passengers were evacuated from the train at the Rotterdam station and police forces boarded the Thalys train plying from Amsterdam to Paris. 

Some passengers on the train reportedly said that the man 'had a bomb', according to Dutch News.

However, authorities have not confirmed if the man was armed but were in a stand-off to detain the suspect. 

"So far, we have no indication as to whether the man is armed," the police said, according to AFP. 

According to Twitter updates, the man has been apprehended. 

The incident comes nearly a month after an attack was thwarted on a Amsterdam-Paris Thalys train last month, when a gunman with a Kalashnikov was overpowered by passengers. 

"Security forces have situation under control. No risk for our passengers," Thalys train service tweeted on Friday.