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Director TN Santhosh's Telugu movie Arjun Suravaram, featuring Nikhil Siddharth and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles, has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience around the world.

Arjun Suravaram is a crime thriller drama that has a good dose of action and suspense. Director TN Santhosh has written the script and dialogues for the movie, which has been produced by Rajkumar Akella and Kaviya Venugopal. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.29 hours.

Arjun Suravaram movie story: The film is about an investigative journalist, who is wrongly convicted for swindling banks with fake certificates. He learns that a crime syndicate is behind the scam. He decides to take down the dangerous counterfeiting racket behind the crime. How he proves his innocence forms the crux of the story.

Anylysis: Arjun Suravaram has an interesting story and TN Santhosh has penned a very good screenplay, which is relateable for youth. The movie starts on slow note, but picks up well later in the first half with Good interval block. The second half is slow, dragged and a bit long. Overall it is engaging and one time watchable Movie, say the audience.

Performances: Nikhil Siddhartha has delivered an electrifying performance, which is the highlight of Arjun Suravaram. Lavanya Tripathi has done a good job and her chemistry with Nikhil is good. Vennela Kishore, Tarun Arora, Posani Krishna Murali, Nagineedu and Vidyullekha Raman have done justice to their roles, says the audience.

Technical: Arjun Suravaram has decent production values and CS Sam's background score, Suryaa's good camera work, action choreography and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

Arjun Suravaram movie review - live updates: We bring you some viewers' response to the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see the audience's reactions.

Vamsi Shekar @UrsVamsiShekar

#ArjunSuravaram First Half: Engaging with crime investigation backdrop. Interval bang is perfect and spot on @actor_Nikhil and @Itslavanya scenes are good and natural Comedians @vennelakishore and Satya provide ample entertainment

Nitin Chakravarthy @Nitinreddy1111

Good first half Better than the original version Kanithan. Nice work by @actor_Nikhil #ArjunSuravaram

Venkyreviews @venkyreviews

#ArjunSuravaram Pretty good watch for this weekend  Definitely surpassed my expectations. @actor_Nikhil great job and the core theme is a good message for this generation. Keep your expectations in check and you'll come out satisfied for sure

Harvey Specter @vadapallisri

#ArjunSuravaram @actor_Nikhil  Nailed It.. Concept  Positive Reports Everywhere..

ప్రభాస్ భక్తుడు ❤️ @Bharath_SRH

Premier Shows Talk For #ArjunSuravaram - 1st Half 3.5/5 - 2nd Half 3/5 Motthaniki Chaala Rojula Tharwatha @actor_Nikhil Nikhil Anna Ki Hit BOMMA Padindhi... ❤️ #ArjunSuravaramReleaseToday ❤️ @Itslavanya ❤️

Telugu Bulletin @TeluguBulletin

#ArjunSuravaram Movie 1st Half Report The first 30 minutes has nothing much to discuss. Last 20 minutes before the interval develops good curiosity .. Second half is expected to be interesting #ArjunSuravaramDay #Nikhil #MaSSMB #MASSMBMondays