Arjun Reddy
Arjun Reddy

Arjun Reddy has turned out to be the big money spinner of the season at the US box office. Owing to huge demand, the distributors are adding 37 new screen for the movie in North America in the second week.

The usual trend in the film industry is that the screen count of any film is reduced due to various reasons in its second week. Firstly, the film will be withdrawn from the theatres, where it has less demand. Secondly, new releases force it to vacate some screens. The theatre count of a film will be reduced by 25 to 50 per cent, especially in the international markets like US.

But Arjun Reddy is proving to be an exception to this trend of the industry. Instead of decreasing its screen count, the distributors have planned to add more screens in its second week.

Arjun Reddy has received extremely positive response from audience. The strong word of mouth is bringing in more number of viewers to theatres with each passing day. The growing demand, which is not just in India, but also in the US, has encouraged the distributors of the film to add more theatres.

Arjun Reddy was released in 88 screens across North America on August 24. Nirvana Cinemas, which has distributed the film overseas, has announced that its screen count would be increased from August 31. A post on its Twitter handle reads: "We are adding 37 New Locations from week 2. Total 120+ Locs. Watch it on Big Screens!" Check Arjun Reddy 2nd week US schedule.

The Vijay Devarakonda starrer has surprised the people with its record breaking collection. Arjun Reddy has become the 'A' certified Telugu film to gross $1 Million at the US box office. Idlebrain Jeevi‏ tweeted: "#ArjunReddy is 1st 'A' certified Telugu film to gross $1 Million in USA. It broke a perception that NRI's watch only comedy, family films"

Arjun Reddy has collected approximately $1,107,767 at the US box office in five days and it will cross $2 million mark in its lifetime. The bosses of Nirvana Cinemas‏ tweeted: "#ArjunReddy $91,114 from 81 Locations @ 10:00 PM PST. 8 more locations yet to report. May reach $100k once all locs report."