Argentine entrepreneur and billionaire Eduardo Eurnekian is currently in talks with Eike Batista, an eminent Brazilian industrialist, regarding the purchase of a stake from one of his semiconductor plants.

Corporacion America, owned by Eurnekian, intends to acquire 33% stake in Batista's semiconductor company SIX Semicondutores, according to Bloomberg, as the Argentine business magnate attempts to expand his operations in the land of the Samba.

Batista is currently the chairperson of Brazil's conglomerate EBX group and has also contributed substantially towards oil and gas exploration in the country. If the move goes through, it will be Eurnekian's third successful deal in Brazil since 2011.

The Argentine may soon visit SIX to get a bird's eye view of its plant site, and will accordingly take this deal to the next level.

Eurnekian is the kingpin behind the production and expansion of modern credit card chips, mobile phones and other related electronic gadgets in and around Argentina. The proceeds from the aforementioned business of his would more or less aid him in cracking an aplomb deal with Batista and thereby expanding his business operations throughout Brazil.

Back in 2011, Eurnekian's company constructed a terminal in Natal, Brazil via an auction, marking his first ever 'materialized' deal in the country.