Terror stalks the LGBT community in Argentina with three murders of LGBT activists taking place since September and those who belong to the community being threatened.

Marcela Chocobar and Coty Olmos, activists who had transitioned from being men, were killed in tSanta Fe and Santa Cruz respectively. The body of Diana Sacayan was found in her flat in Buenos Aires, tied to her bed and stabbed repeatedly, police sources said, according to the Independent.

Sacayan was a leading activist and a journalist who travelled abroad often to highlight the increasing violence against trans women in Latin America.

There have been no arrests in these cases so far. The Independent quoted  Mariela Belski, executive director of Amnesty International Argentina, as saying: "A dark cloud has set over Argentina's trans community. Unless this latest wave of murders is effectively investigated and those responsible taken to justice, a message will be sent that attacking trans women is actually OK."

Esteban Paulon, president of the LGBT Federation of Argentina said: "Cases like that of Diana Sacayan, Marcela Chocobar and Coty Olmos crudely demonstrate the effect that this discrimination has on people."

The killings come even as Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has opened the doors in Argentina for the LGBT community to have their fundamental rights recognised.

Interestingly, there has been a spate of murders of trans women in the United States too in 2015 with at least 21 of them reported killed.