UFO Argentina
YouTube: ET Data Base

Scott C Waring, a popular extraterrestrial researcher based in Taiwan, has recently released a photograph apparently snapped from Argentina, and it shows a disc-shaped UFO hovering in the skies. Interestingly, the shape and structure of the unidentified flying object seem very similar to the alien spaceships people have seen in Hollywood sci-fi films.

In his YouTube channel, Scott C Waring has shared two UFO photos, and both of them are classic disc-shaped crafts. The alien researcher revealed that the UFO images were shared to him by an Argentinian alien enthusiast.

In the video, Waring claimed that these images were captured from the province of Buenos Aires, and suggested that these sightings could be authentic proof of alien existence. Waring also revealed that the possibilities of this craft being a top secret military vessel are also high.

"They explained this is actually a pretty busy area for alien UFO sightings. It is actually quite common in that area to see strange flying objects in the sky. Some believe that the sightings are religious encounters, while others think it is top-secret tech or aliens. Often people do record UFOs that are seen after the fact," said Waring in the video. 

As the video of the strange UFO sighting went viral, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that Argentina is slowly emerging as a hotbed of alien activities. A few days back, after releasing the video of a ring-shaped UFO hovering in the skies, Scott C Waring had claimed that aliens are regularly visiting secret bases in the country.

In the meantime, Dr Young-hae Chi, a Korean lecturer who teaches at the Oxford Oriental Institute had recently claimed that aliens are interbreeding with humans to produce hybrids. As per Young-hae Chi, these hybrids from mixed parentage will survive apocalyptic events like climate change, and they will emerge as the dominant species on earth.