Thalapathy Vijay
Thalapathy Vijay speaking at the audio launch function of Bigil.Rakesh Prakash Photography

Excessive love towards a person might make one lose his conscience, at times, fail him to understand the reality. This has been a problem with the fans of every fan of a film star on social media sites. Even the admirers of Thalapathy Vijay are not an exemption.

Over the years, there have been many instances where the fans of Vijay crossed all the limits to abuse the other star or the person who had different views to theirs. To recall an incident, they infamously trolled a journalist for days for her negative comments on Thalapathy's films.

The surprising part of the story is that a section of people have not spared Archana Kalpathi, creative producer of Vijay's latest movie Bigil, for not giving updates about the movie at regular intervals.

Now, Archana Kalpathi has spoken about the issue and explained what makes one a genuine fan of a hero. In an interview with Cinema Express, she said, "According to me, if you idolise someone or if you consider a person as your hero, you should follow their values. You become a true fan only if you apply those qualities in you,"

The creative producer of Bigil claims that she is also a victim of fans' abuse. She adds that not everyone behaves in such a way and only a small section of people do it on social media. "I just block them. I said I will not put up with these people. We should not have to put up with these people. I don't consider them as fans. Then you are not embodying the value system of the hero that you are claiming to be a fan [sic],"

Vijay with Archana Kalpathi
Vijay with Archana Kalpathi.PR Handout

Archana Kalpathi says that she has not come across a person like Vijay who gives so much of respect to women. She adds that people consider him 'anna' (brother) for the way he treats them.