[Representational Image]Joy Garnett /Flickr

We Indians love to get angry. Come what may, we don't spare people or things that come on our ways. Whether it is at home or office or in the streets, Indians are increasingly becoming impatient. Many feel the youths of the country are not okay to take things slow. They are fast and furious and lose their cool over a wide array of things.

But anger, as we all know, is not a positive energy and can do more harm. But it is also not possible always to tame it. So how about venting it out but without hurting anybody? Yes, just like Konkona Sen's catharsis as suggested by Irrfan Khan in Life in a ... Metro, how about venting out anger with a stick in your hand and several objects offered to bang them?

The concept is already in vogue in the West, Australia and Japan where you have 'anger rooms' or 'crying rooms'. And now, India, too, has come up with a similar thing. A cafe has been opened in Indore where one can vent out his angry emotions. The cafe is known as 'Bhadaas (outburst) Cafe' where one can go berserk with a stick, breaking down everything on offer. For many who have already tried their hands at this, it has been a relieving experience.

The cafe has six sections with different activities like gymming, music, reading and a room with rustic things around. There is also a 'smaashing zone' where people can break scrapped televisions, refrigerators, etc.