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Breakups are really hard to be dealt with. For most of the people, the traumatic phase can have very intense effects on the life, including a lot of stress, hormonal imbalance.

Yes, broken heart syndrome is not made up and exists in real life.

According to Mayo Clinic, the symptoms of a breakup include chest pains, shortness of breath and heart enlargement. And curtailing romantic attachments can also have other physical effects like acne.

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A recent research done by a group of researchers at Wake Forest University found that breakups can even cause acne too, even to them who do not have acne prone skin. It is also said that breakups can cause stomach cramps and sore muscles as well.

Recently, renowned psychologist Guy Winch has penned down a column on Psychology Today, explaining how breakups affect our brain. In his column, he tried to explain how our brain responds dramatically following a heartbreak.

According to him, heartbreak causes the same reaction in our brain which is similar to an addict's withdrawal from substances like cocaine and opioids.

And, these symptoms of a breakup are so powerful that impacts brain really bad. It affects our ability to think, focus and function in the broadest terms. As we earlier mentioned that a broken-hearted person acts similar to an addict. Thus, it is quite unexpected for an addict to be able to function in their job in the midst of withdrawal.

The pain for heartbreak can be longer for unlimited time. It can last for a week, a month or may be a year even.

As to suggest the cure for the broken heart syndrome, Winch said "the more we limit our ex's appearance in our thoughts, the quicker we will be able to recover" from those incessant thoughts.

Another study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America discovered that the romantic rejection activates the same areas of one's brain that get activated when one have the feelings of pain in his/her body.

Hence, breakups are indeed pain-inducing and stressful as well.