When can we expect Logitech's new wheels to arrive?
When can we expect Logitech's new wheels to arrive?Maxconsole

Here's a bit of news that will bring joy to a number of racing game developers associated with names such as Project Cars and DriveClub, let alone thousands of fans out there.

According to reports, leaked photos and documents related to Logitech's new steering wheel for the new generation of consoles have emerged online. This new driving wheel from Logitech is said to be the replacement for the company's famous G27 wheel.

The new leaks ― courtesy Maxconsole (via TheSixthAxis) ― shows an approval certificate issued to Logitech Far East with details of the new wheel enclosed inside. In fact, the document is even backed up by a couple of photos of the unit.

As far as the details are concerned, it seems the new wheel carries Logitech's brand new branding, while the wheel's rim seems like of the same high quality that we saw for the previous Logitech wheels.

The front side of the wheel, however, seems to have "inherited many of the features of the Driving Force GT, a model that was introduced for console owners, while the PlayStation button set is also evident," writes Eurogamer. All this may suggest that the new wheel is more inclined toward the console market than for the PC hardcore.

However, Logitech is yet to make any official comment on the new wheel for new generation consoles. But there may be a chance that we might get to see the new wheel for consoles before the end of the current year.

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