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Body positivity is a very widely known term these days among the women across the world. It basically aims to eradicate certain beauty standards.

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Many body-positive Instagrammers pose in front of the camera to prove everyone is beautiful under her own skin. They are the proofs that a woman body is just not all about skinny bodies and flawless skins.

These days women are bold enough to flaunt their imperfect bodies on social media — stretch marks especially. For all of them, who do not know that stretch marks do not only represent the mums' post-pregnancy bodies, even models do have cellulite on their body.

While most women try to hide these, many women are taking to Instagram to show how having imperfections can make you beautiful.

Women are raising their voice by posting snaps of their stretch marks and cellulite online as they are rallying against photoshopped images that set unrealistic body expectations among the women.

An Instagram user named Mybeautifulmumlife shared a picture of her body, captioning: "I've birthed 3 babies in this body. I've gone through anorexia. I've been overweight. My skin tells stories mapped in lines. Some run deep. Some people see them as ugly, but all I see is their beauty ❤️ love your lines."

Another woman, Kirsty O'connell, posted a picture of her postpartum body as she wrote: "15 days after giving birth, and this is my body now, today I've started back to working out. Got a postnatal routine to help my abdominal muscles shrink back and then can go on to more challenging exercises, but I can not wait to get my body back. I'm learning to love this body type slowly, and my stretch marks don't bother me that much. It's a beautiful and natural thing that I am slowly getting used to."

We have rounded off some pictures from the social media platform to celebrate the stretchmarks and cellulite.

While this would have been a sore to my eyes a year ago, I’m finally at a place where I am becoming proud of the body I am seeing in the mirror. Almost a year after I had my last baby and 6 months after I started training, I realized I had a Diastasis Recti.  Not only did I have all these stretch marks after carrying 3 boys, but now my abdominal muscles were separated and had not merged back like my 1st pregnancy (most likely because my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies were back-to-back). I felt like my body was failing me! ? • • While everyone around me was praising me for putting in the work and getting back to myself, they didn’t know the truth. I was not back to myself, I didn’t feel like myself!  When I laid on my back, all of the stretched skin would sink through the 3-finger wide hole that had developed due to my diastasis.  Worse yet, because I did not realize what was wrong, all the core work I had been doing had not helped. • • Once I realized what had happened and received confirmation from my doctor, I started working towards healing my abdomen. • • As I write this today, that hole is less than 1 finger wide. • • What you are looking at is pride! Pride that I worked hard! Pride that I didn’t give up when, more than six months after starting my journey, I hadn’t gotten the results I was hoping for. Pride that I can look at myself and not feel sad! • • I’m not saying I don’t have zero insecurities anymore, I’m saying that a diastasis and stretch marks can happen to anyone no matter how well you eat or how fit you are. • • This is the look of me proud of myself! Proud mother of 3! Work in progress! ❤️ • •Photo cred: @randomcy #dietitian #nutritionist #Health #kids #mom #blackfitness #womenshealth #eatwise #blackgirlmagic #fit #fitness #postpartum #fitgirls_inspire #postpartumbody #fitpregnancy #motivation #gethealthy #nutrition #stretchmarks #diastasisrecti #blackwomendoworkout #tigerstripes #weightloss #lifestylechange #followme #foodie #food #dedication #nutritious #wonderfullynutritious

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