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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a post-birthday celebration following the Duchess of Sussex's 38th birthday. The post-birthday celebration was in Ibiza according to MirrrorOnline.

However, the pair reportedly took a private jet to Ibiza, despite recently vowing to cut their carbon footprint. The Royal couple was already called out for their hypocrisy. And it seems like whatever lesson in frugality Meghan was trying to convey with her birthday celebrations, which she claimed would be a smaller affair was negated by the Ibiza trip.

Broadcaster Caroline Frost, who has interviewed Meghan in the past, warned the move is "not a good look" for the royal couple.

Ms. Frost told "I think because they enjoy the benefits of such a huge public platform, and clearly they're wanting to do brilliant things with that huge profile. 

Meghan Markle
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Prince Harry recently claimed to be quite the environmentalist in an interview with Dr. Jane Goodall. Prince Harry had mentioned in the interview that he plans to have no more than two kids because he cares about the environment. We have to say that private jet travels could possibly do more harm than a baby. It is debatable but still.

"So certainly, it's not a good look when they do on the one hand preach increased eco-awareness, saving the planet, only having two children, and then they hop on a luxury plane," Ms. Frost added. The rich want regular people to change so that they can continue to damage the environment. This brings to mind the recent plastic straw debate. Huge corporations pollute oceans and rivers on a huge scale, but it is the tiny plastic straws that broke the camel's back.

Meghan and Harry may have to start putting their money where their mouth is.