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Amid reports of a US diplomat suffering brain injury from strange sounds or sonic attack, a conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Secureteam10' has uploaded a bizarre video claiming that aliens are secretly implanting human minds to ultimately take control over them.

Tyler Glockner, who runs the Youtube channel said bizarre scars have been noticed in the arms of many people all over the world. The strange markings have apparently emerged without any explanation, whatsoever.

In the video, Tyler Glockner argues that these scars might have an extraterrestrial origin. He revealed that he initially heard about these alien implants a year ago. The conspiracy theorist added that a woman who exposed these markings to the public has suddenly gone missing.

The video claims that after taking X-ray of the arms, a small chip like object has been found in the bodies of the victims. Tyler suspects that these implants might be a technique adopted by aliens or perpetrators of mind-control mechanism to affirm their dominance over humans on the earth.

The video, which has already fetched more than 1,90,000 views, has evoked contradictory views on this weird phenomenon.

A YouTube user named Blondboybc said these implanting operations are carried out by aliens with consent from the local governments. "I'm pretty certain these abductions, implants and operations are being conducted by advanced beings WITH the silent acquiescence of our governments--perhaps the Greys or similar beings.The technology required is almost "Star Trek" - like in technological level. I'm sure they are being used to monitor and track humans--what else could they be used for?," said Blondboybc.

However, skeptics argue that these marks are normal scars, and there is nothing extraterrestrial about it. These cuts are caused by the victim herself who doesn't remember it because she has a condition of forgetfulness, said another. "Or she scraped her arm against a sharp tree or something and never felt it and then looked at her arm and said she was abducted by aliens," commented Shane, another YouTube user.

However, mind-control is emerging as a major warfare in the world and Cuba had allegedly used sonic attacks to neutralise US diplomats or agents in the past while the latest incident on a US diplomat in China has sent shockwaves across the US which has issued a warning to its officials in Beijing to be alert on such sonic attacks on their brains.