Kareena Kapoor and Arbaaz Khan

As we watched the first episode of Arbaaz Khan's latest show – Pinch – starring Kareena Kapoor as the first guest, we couldn't help but wonder about everything that's wrong with the show. Let's take a look at why we feel the theme of Pinch is totally wrong.

Acknowledging trolls: First and foremost, what is the need for acknowledging trolls who never hesitate in writing nasty things about celebrities, comfortably hiding behind a fake name and virtual identity. Those who don't fear writing such cheap comments are more likely to enjoy seeing the celebs acknowledging their tweet, their twitter handles and their pathetic opinion. Our question is why give them the recognition or even acknowledge their presence? Not that the show is making them come in front of the screen and shaming them for their deed.

Celebs reading tweets: Even though we have seen just one episode featuring Kareena Kapoor, it was quite evident that she was getting annoyed at reading so many nasty and disrespectful tweets about herself, Saif Ali Khan and baby Taimur. Our simple question is why make celebs go through that?

Answering trolls: If reading out troll tweets was not enough, celebs are asked to reply to them too. Would reading out their disgraceful tweets, replying to them, logically trying to make them understand things would bring about a change in the attitude of the trolls? No, right. Then why make celebs do that.

Making celebs uncomfortable: There are many celebs who have chosen not to put their lives out there on social media. Making such celebs read such comments about them can really get unpleasant or discomforting for them.

Twisted format: When you watch the show all you can think of is what was the purpose of the show? We could have understood and probably agreed with the format had there been some kind of repercussion for tweeting out such derogatory statements. But, if nothing is going to be done about this, why make celebs go through that in the first place.