Arbaaz Khan and Roger Federer
Arbaaz Khan and Roger FedererInstagram/Naomi Baker/Getty Images

There are scores of memes on social media that bring out the striking resemblance between Arbaaz Khan and ace Tennis player Roger Federer's look. The actor has now spoken about how he enjoys those memes.

Arbaaz said that he is aware of the funny posts that are made, calling him Federer's lookalike, and he enjoys seeing those. He also said that he would like to meet the athlete one day.

"I'm aware of this similarity that is being drawn. Not sure if he (Federer) is aware, too (laughs). But, but I'd love to meet him in person. I'm a huge Federer fan. I've come to know that he has a house in Dubai and when he plays the Dubai Open, he stays there. I plan to try and meet him during that time," he told Hindustan Times.

Arbaaz also spoke about the trolls, often target him with nasty comments. The actor said that he is not affected by such negativity.

"I have no problem with trolls or negative comments. Unlike many others, I anyway don't post much from my personal life on social media; it's mostly work related. And when I post something, I'm aware that not everyone would have nice things to say; I'm fine with it. I chose not to react to everyone's opinion. In case I don't want to read someone's opinion, I simply block them," he added.

Meanwhile, Arbaaz has been having a good time with his new lady love Georgia Andriani. The two are often spotted hanging out together, and she appears to be quite comfortable with Arbaaz's son too.