April Fools Day
A child in a costume reacts during a traditional April Fool's Day celebration in Skopje April 1.Reuters

April Fools' Day 2016 is round the corner and this is the time when one can surprise others, if not shock, with some safe but interesting pranks. While there are some classic prank ideas that are effective almost every time, there are some new ones too that one can try on their beloved ones before screaming out "April Fool!"

April Fools' Day, also called All Fools' Day, this year falls on Friday and thus office goers too can celebrate the day by playing some simple yet effective pranks on their colleagues. Here is a compilation of some of the simple pranks that you can try on your friends, colleagues and family members to add fun to the day.

1) Plastic cover just inside bathroom door: Pranks are most likely to be successful when the target is careless and one is most oblivious of the surrounding just after waking up from bed. You can tightly fix a piece of plastic just in front of the bathroom door (as per the person's height so that it hits his or her face) and the target will certainly have a shocking morning.

2) Replacing toothpaste with any other similar looking gel: Another perfect morning prank can be filling toothpaste container with any other similar looking substance. The person surely will not see it coming.

3) Hair dryer prank: You can put body powder or any other harmless powder inside the face of the hair dryer and just wait for your target to apply the machines on his or her hair. Even if someone escapes the previous two pranks, this one is a sure-shot winner.

4) Replace Oreo biscuit cream with white toothpaste: There are a number of different types of cream biscuits but Oreo is one of the few that has white cream inside it and finding a white toothpaste is an easy task. That one bite of Oreo will make you April Fools' Day quite a fun without much effort.

5) Paint soap with nail polish: This is another easy prank that will leave your target extremely frustrated. Just paint the entire body soap with a nail polish (preferably with a colour that is common for soaps too). The soap will not lather but will make the person red with anger.

6) Change contact details in phone: You can replace your contact name in your target's phone with anyone else's of your choice and shock him or her by sending some weird messages. Changing your contact name with the person's mother or father is a good idea.

7) Endless typing GIF: There is one GIF available for download that you can send to a person during a phone chat and it will give an impression that you are typing something. Best part of this GIF is that the typing sign will remain there for as long as you want it to be. This will certainly leave the person extremely irritated.

8) Air-horn under chair: This is a tried and tested prank in most of the offices. Fix an air-horn under your target's chair and soon he sits, you can be ready to embarrass the person by wishing "April Fool."

9) Mouse prank: You can remove the ball inside the person's office desktop mouse and enjoy seeing his confused face until he checks it and finds a note saying "April Fool."

10) Flip computer screen: If your target does not have much knowledge about computers, you can fool him with this tech prank. You can change the computer screen upside down by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow key on Windows PC. The screen can be brought back to normal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow key. The screen can be changed by using Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow and Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow as well.

Courtesy: Mashable.com, Bustle.com, Boredpanda.com