April Fools day 2014
Celebrate April Fools day 2014 with new ideas from apps.Google Play

April Fool's Day throws up new surprises that might stun and send one into fits of laughter. Earlier people would call their near and dear ones and tell them something, they would be amazed and stupefied about. But now, we have new apps that help pranksters and jokers come up with more interesting pranks.

Below are some of the April Fool's apps for Android devices:

1. April Fools Pranks - This app contains some of the best "batch of hilarious pranks" that includes practical jokes. Users can also check for some of the best pranks from 2013 and can even share these jokes and pranks on social media websites. Download the app here.

2. Whoopee Cushion! -  This is an app that acts like a Whoopee Cushion, also known as farting bag. This will turn the phone into a farting Whoopee Cushion! This app has some of the realistic fart sounds with features like motion detector mode, which will release a fart noise when someone sits down, time delay mode that will fart after someone leaves the room and the sound detect mode, which releases fart sound when someone talks. This is a great app at office meetings or parties. Download the app here.

3. Prank Pack - User can make use of some of the 13 best prank apps that have been put in one. Some of the pranks featured in the app include Farts/Whoopee cushion, Scissors, Hair clipper, Cracked Screen, Laugh Track, Cards Trick, Geiger Counter, Finger Scanner, Emergency Call, Fake Crash, Blue Screen of Death, Detector and Cracked Screen prank. Though the app promised not to have any advertisements, some of the pranks are locked and to unlock them users will have to earn virtual currency, which can be completed by Tapjoy actions. Download the app here

4. Aging Album 3D - This app will not only transform a photo into old man or woman but its users can also talk back to the old face. The app boast 3D animation and audio effects and auto-cropping using face detection. Download the app here.

5 iBeer FREE - This app allows the user to virtually drink beer from your cell phone. The app gives out liquid simulation where users can tilt the phone to drink and shake it to have more foam and bubbles. You can also virtually break the screen of your cell phone and it gives out a burp sound too. Download the app here.

6. Face Switch - Swap & Morph! - User will get to lay pranks on their friends and collegues by swapping and morphing two images. The app has features like the 'brush stroke' technology, automatic face detection, photo filters, easy functionality, image adjustment tools. Download the app here.

7. Simple Voice Changer - Users will love the app for its various features in changing voice and adding effects for them. The app allows 12 audio effects as choice, share the new recording and set it as ringtone. It can translate the recording into multiple languages. Download the app here.

8. Amazing Broken Display - This app tricks people into believing that the screen of the cell phobne is broken. It allows users to set the wall paper they want and to set a trigger to that. You can also set sound affects to go with the breaking of the screen, further, users can use the live mode and star an application and give it to a friend and you will see cracks appearing slowly but you will still be able to play the game. Download the app here.

9. Air Horn - This is a simple app that allows the user to play different sounds like air horn, horn of brown, cucaracha, vuvuzela, police siren, ambulance, fire brigade, nuclear alarm and many more. Download the app here.

10. Ghost Prank - Scare your friends with this app. Users can select a ghost and add it int he photos with ghost voice and then share it on various social media sites. Download the app here.

Below are some of the April Fool's apps for iPhone devices:

1. April Fool Pranks - This app gives you a list of new ideas that can be fun to use it to fool others on April Fool's day. Users can just shake the phone to generate new ideas which can also be added as Favorites and shared. Download the app here.

2. Prank Sounds - Users can select the sound of a cricket and set it to chirp at a particular time and distract your friends and collegues. This also has a set of other sounds like horror sounds, door opening, water dripping, floor creaking and many more. Download the app here.

3. Dude, Your Car! - This app allows users to trick their friends into believing that their car has been damaged or booked by the police. People can take a picture of the car and edit it to give it scratches, dents, broken glass, fire or smoke. Download the app here.

4. Remote Mouse - Lay a prank on your colleague by turning your phone into a mouse and remotely controlling it. The app has a simulated touchpad, multi touch gestures, pass word protection, remote typing with voice and many new support. Download the app here.

5. Prank Mirror - This app allows users to take various picture that are hilarious and distort it with different tools. The app works in real time and has more than 15 prank mirrors. You can also share the photos. Download the app here.

6. Scary Prank - App allows you to scare your friend with a ghost jumping out of the screen when triggered. The ghost gives out a loud scream too. Download the app here.

7. Hidden camera pranks - This app contains a collection of "funniest hidden cam pranks ever made," however, it needs internet connectivity. Download the app here.

8. Icon Prank - Photo Drop - This app transforms your icons into a physics puzzle game and it can also stun your friends when you give them your cell to check it. The icons in the app will break and bounce around the screen. Download the app here.

9. Prank Me! - Pranksters wanting to up the ante on their friends by giving them a fake call that will imitate nearly 48 characters that includes the voices of Al Pacino, FBI, Jamaican, IRS, German Actor,  Lottery Commission and many more Download the app here.

10. Bee Swatter Prank Game - Users of the app can ask friends to play this game where they have to swat bees with a timer but eventually the queen bee come out and she must be hit many time and harder and after this, the app imitates a broken screen with a loud shattered sound.  Download the app here