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Apple Watch saves Tampa Bay teen's life with timely diagnoses of the kidney ailmentApple Official Website (Screen-lock)

Apple Watch has helped save a Tampa Bay teen's life with the timely notifications of abnormal heartbeat count, which upon diagnosis revealed a previously unknown kidney ailment.

In September 2017, Apple had revealed that it had displaced iconic Rolex as the numero uno watch brand in the world. It is an incredible achievement for the company to reach the pinnacle of the product business within a span of two years of its inception. One of the main reasons for people to love Apple Watch is that it comes with state-of-the-art biometric sensors and health kit features, which give out near accurate readings of heartbeat rate, steps taken and also companion apps help people achieve health goals.

Now, Apple Watch, a Christmas gift from parents has literally saved a young adult's life in Florida. Deanna Recktenwald, 18, while waiting for church service to start on a Sunday morning, received a sudden alert on Apple Watch that she had an abnormal spike in heartbeat -- 190 beats per minute -- and asked her to seek immediate health aid. Her mother Stacey Recktenwald,  a professional nurse, wasted no time to rush Deanna to nearby Tampa General Hospital.

As per the protocol, doctors carried out medical tests and some blood work. After an hour, the results came out that Deanna was suffering from a chronic kidney ailment and shockingly, both her kidneys only had 20 percent function. 

Deanna's mother appreciated Apple Watch's life-saving capabilities and wrote a heartwarming letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook. "Stories like Deanna's inspire us to dream bigger and push harder every day," Cook said on Twitter.

With every passing year, smart wearables are evolving at a rapid pace and for good. From the humble beginning with just steps counter to a multitude of biometric sensors, Apple Watch will soon become an integral extension of our arm with which we can lead a healthy and balanced life.

Apple Watch helps diagnose teen’s life-threatening kidney ailment in nick of timeTim Cook (@tim_cook)/Twitter

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