Apple iOS 9 Release Rumors; Google Analytics Spot Devices Running The New OS
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Apple is still trying to overcome the iOS 8 errors even after rolling out a series of minor and major updates. Battery drain is one of many concerns that iPhone and iPad users had in the past and the folks at Apple are constantly working for a fix. With hopes to finally correct all issues, Apple rolled out iOS 8.1.2 earlier this month, but did not fix the battery drain problem.

The latest version of iOS 8 update also brought other problems such as Wi-Fi connectivity issues and system lags. Sudden loss of internet connectivity or low internet speeds have been seen in some of the iDevices updated to iOS 8.1.2. System lagging is just another issue that came along the new update, where users experience unresponsive screen among other system issues, The Next Digit reported.

Apple may already be working on a permanent fix that will be a part of its next iOS update, but finding the origin of these issues can help identify a temporary solution. Mostly, battery drainage problem is associated with the functions of individual third-party applications. Users can see the app's battery usage by navigating into the Settings > General > Battery Usage to find the highest battery consuming apps.

This is one of the fixes for battery problem, but does not offer a guaranteed resolution. Other possible ways to control battery drainage is by turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE and other settings when not in use.

Some users who are experiencing drops in internet connection while using mobile data or Wi-Fi can try changing the bandwidth from 5GHz to 2.4GHz to get a constant connection and speed.

To avoid getting system lags, Apple must come up with a fix as it is related to the mainframe of iOS 8.1.2. However, cleaning RAM and ROM frequently can reduce the lags, but cannot fix it permanently.