Apple iWatch?
The potential for an Apple-made wristwatch is boundless. Between Bluetooth and Apple's iCloud infrastructure, an iWatch wouldn't need a lot of storage to be a powerful device.Courtesy/iWatchZ

A patent application filed by Apple Inc revealed that the technology titan is working on a 'slap wrap' structure which could be the rumoured iWatch.

The patent application, titled "Bi-Stable Spring With Flexible Display," was filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office in August 2011. It described the technology as 'wearable accessory device', reported the DailyMail.

"With a touch screen user input a user can accomplish a number of different tasks including adjusting the order of a current playlist, and reviewing a list of recent phone calls," stated the application, CNET reported. "A response to a current text message can even be managed given a simple virtual keyboard configuration across the face of the flexible display."

The latest report came when rumours of the Apple iWatch are gaining traction. Earlier this month, there were reports that the Cupertino-based firm is prepping an iWatch which could function like a smartphone.

A recent Wall Street Journal report said that Apple's manufacturing partner, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, may be developing various technologies which could be used in the wearable 'iWatch'. The device is in the pipeline as part of the company's strategy to expand its market beyond smartphones and tablets.

In a separate report of The New York Times, Apple's new experiment of a new wrist watch with a curved glass could be used to pay mobile bills. It was also noted that the rumoured watch will have Willow Glass - a tough material that is bendable as paper and produced from Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning.