Apps every woman must have on her phone
Apps every woman must have on her phoneReuters

The Apple News application will start featuring sponsored posts in the news feed alongside regular news articles.

The advertisers can make use of the new feature that Apple could announce sometime soon. This is part of the new ad format that Apple intends to bring, according to the Business Insider. The publication's article was based on a developer specification document that the company updated in March.

Visually, the sponsored posts will not be too different from the regular news articles. It will be set in the same font as the rest of them but it will feature a small label that will read "sponsored." The new ad-format is so designed that it will be "blending in" with the surroundings, the report said.

The sponsored content can be pushed to Apple News feed by the publishers, but they must tag them as "native content in metadata," lest the publishers want to see their Apple News access suspended, the report warned.

This new ad format will be available in both the iPhone and iPad versions of Apple News.

This new feature is a sign that Cupertino-based company is looking to provide publishers and advertisers a way to use the platforms for monetisation. It must be noted that Apple keeps 30 percent of the iAd revenue generated.

Earlier, Reuters had reported that Apple was planning on giving publishers the permission to push content that will be made available only with subscriptions.