Yahoo India has announced a contest, which will allow music lovers to travel to London and watch the Apple Music Festival live absolutely free.

All you need to create is a blog in Tumblr and create as many music-related posts as you like and register for the contest. These posts can be in any format – audio, photo, video, gif, links or a quote that can be shared across social sites. Whether it's singing a tune, grooving to one or writing a song, participants need to showcase their creative best. The contest closes at 23:59 hours IST, 9, September, 2015.

Five contestants with the most creative, imaginative Tumblr blogs that show off their love for music will win a chance to fly (with a friend) to London for the closing night of the Apple Music Festival on September 28.

Pharrell Williams, One Direction, Florence + The Machine and Disclosure are among the headliners at this year's festival, which includes ten nights of spectacular live shows at London's historic Roundhouse Venue. Get ready for all the action at this year's Apple Music Festival with a selection of incredible live performances from years past at

The show, which was formerly known as iTunes Festival, can be watched live or can be accessed through Apple Music, iTunes and Apple TV for a limited period of time.