These iPhone makeover kits give old iPhones the new iPhone 7 look
These iPhone makeover kits give old iPhones the new iPhone 7 lookApple Newsroom

While Samsung grappled with the Galaxy Note7 battery explosion fiasco, arch rival Apple had a grand opening for the iPhone 7 series launch last weekend, witnessing overwhelming response from consumers across the world.

However, the joy for Apple seems to be short lived as numerous reports are emerging that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices, when put under extreme pressure, are making disconcerting hissing sounds. This specifically happens when there is a lot of workload on the processor such as playing graphics intensive game. 

512 Pixel blogger Stephen Hackett first noticed the hissing sound emanating from his iPhone 7 Plus while restoring it from iCloud. The noise level kept rising. Quite perturbed by the noise from his device, he took to Twitter to voice his concern and posted a video.

Soon after he posted his tweet, a few iPhone 7 series owners joined the conversation saying they too were facing similar issues.

Later, Hackett called Apple Support for help and they have urged him to go the nearest authorised store and get his device replaced. But due to shortage of supply, they have asked him to wait for five to six days for the replacement.

That said, the hissing sound issue seems to be limited to very few units, as many device reviewers have tried to put similar strain on their iPhone 7 series devices but have not faced any issue. Some even put them on 3DMark "Ice Storm Extreme," a benchmark application that tests mobile phone's CPU performance.

Though the issue seems to be limited, the hissing sound is quite unsettling for owners with the defective models.

We have reached out to Apple spokespersons via email and are yet to receive a response. 

Watch this space for more updates.