Apple iPhone 5S Fingerprint 'Touch ID' Security Feature Breached, Says German Hackers
A promoter demonstrates the fingerprint scanner feature of the newly launched Apple iPhone 5S in Singapore September 20, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Edgar SuReuters/Edgar Su

It's been almost three weeks since the new Apple iPhone 6S series hit stores across the world, and since then the company has faced a couple of minor road blocks due to the emergence of some bugs in new iOS 9.0 series. However, it was quick enough to respond and release two new OS updates (9.0.1 & 9.0.2) to fix them.

Now, a new glitch with regard to Touch ID in iPhone 6S has hit the headline, bringing back the memories of 'bendgate' fiasco.

This new problem is turning out be literally too hot to handle for Apple. It has come to light that some iPhone 6S devices' home button, where the Touch ID fingerprint sensor resides, is getting overheated enough to burn users' fingers. That's not all. The phones get switched off abruptly even when the device's battery power is more than 50%.

Many iPhone 6S owners have taken to social media sites and also the Apple's discussion forum to vent their anger.

Here are few comments of iPhone 6S series owners on Apple's official discussion forum page:

"My iPhone 6s Plus has shut down randomly, 4x now, since I've received it on 9/25. The home button gets very warm, unusually hot even, when trying to restart the phone after it shuts off. It takes a few tries before it turns back on and for the home button to cool off. I paid $900+ after taxes for this latest and greatest iteration of the iPhone 6s Plus 64gb. My iPhone 6 Plus (sitting in my drawer) and previous iPhones didn't have this issue," said rogerisf.

"My new 6S Plus just randomly turns off and the home button is very hot to touch. I did a hard reset and it's fine, but this is the second time it's happened. It was on the desk at work and one time on the couch. Not plugged in or covered by anything," said another user who goes by the moniker kali4nia85.

How to fix Apple iPhone 6Ss' home button overheating issue?

Since Apple is yet to respond to the media with regard to iPhone 6S home-button overheating issue, there isn't any official fix for this glitch.

But some genius iPhone 6S users have come up with a couple of tricks, which will make sure that the glitch doesn't occuring again for some time.

Apple iPhone 6S users, who are facing the overheating issue, can hold the home button and power button for 10 seconds and reboot the device. 

Users can also try resetting the phone to temporarily fix it.

If the problem reoccurs, users are advised to take the device to Apple store and get it tested.

[via Tech Times]