Apple has finally introduced the much awaited App slicing feature, which was originally promised in the iOS 9.0, but was never activated even in iOS 9.0.1.

Now, the company has confirmed that App slicing, which was in deactivated mode due to some bug in iCloud feature, has been resolved and has now been enabled in the latest iOS 9.0.2.

"The issue affecting app slicing has been fixed, and device-specific versions of apps will be delivered when downloaded by users running iOS 9.0.2 or later," said the company in a press statement.

What is App slicing?

The App slicing feature is a game changer for iPhone and other iDevices, especially to those having limited storage space like 16GB.

Previously, iOS based devices used to have universal integration of files in all the multiple Apple devices owned by the users.

Now the company says that the Apple Store via App slicer will intuitively identify the user's particular device variant and only install the necessary apps (and other data) for that specific model only.

With this feature activated, 16GB-based Apple device owners can breathe a sigh of relief as they will never have to worry about losing additional space for storing un-necessary apps/files, which they had installed in other Apple devices like iPad or iPod Touch.

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Besides the App slicing feature, iOS 9.0.2 also fixes Lockscreen bypass bug, cellular data settings options glitch, wherein some select apps were cut-off from accessing mobile data connection for update and other minor issues.

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