Apple fans waiting with bated breath for the availablity of the newly-launched iPhone 5 in India may finally get pricing details of the sixth-generation device. Release date in the country remains unclear.  

The 64 GB variant of iPhone 5 is priced at whopping ₹131,934 in India. Another source suggested that the factory-unlocked 64GB white and black model is priced at ₹105,000

Ebya, an American internet shopping website, posted the price details of iPhone 5 for consumers in India.

If the quoted price of iPhone 5 rings true, then it would be the steepest of all Apple devices available in Indian markets.

Here are a few screen shots of the websites that suggest the pricing of iPhone 5 in India.

The above screen shot suggests the iPhone 5 to be priced at ₹131,934 with no assurance of return policy.

Screen shot of Ebay website on iPhone 5 price in India
Screen shot of Ebay website on iPhone 5 price in IndiaReuters

Another web page said that price of the factory-unlocked 64GB model is priced at ₹105,000.00 with return policy and a warranty of one year. This would mean that iPhone users who encounter any problem in the device can return the product within seven days of the purchase, which is not available with the other deal.

Meanwhile, the retail website also mentioned the price details of 16GB. The factory unlocked variant of iPhone 5 16GB is priced at ₹57,990.

Apple India officials are yet to clarify the pricing details of iPhone 5 suggested on Ebay. 

Meanwhile, Airtel is expected to host the launch event of iPhone 5 in India. It is speculated that most of the Apple apps will not run in India, including 4G LTE service.