iPhone 6 gets discounted in India
iPhone 6 gets discounted in IndiaReuters

Apple released the iOS 9.3 to all its eligible iPhone, iPads and iPods, March 21. But soon some early adopters complained that they could not go past the activation lock screen.

Taking cognisance of the reports, Apple quickly paused the iOS 9.3 update (build number: 13E233) rollout for the affected iPhone 5S, iPad Air and their earlier models. The company after identifying the glitch fixed it and finally released the new updated firmware (build number: 13E236).

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However, once again some Apple device users primarily owning iPhone 6S series have started to flood the company's support forum page with complaints that after getting upgraded to iOS 9.3, they are unable to open website links on messaging apps. Users have also said that they cannot open the links through Apple Safari web browser and using Google's Chrome too doesn't help as the screen of their device freezes. Even clearing cache memory, closing all apps and rebooting the device is of no help.

Some users on Apple support forum claim that if users press the links on chrome for a long time, they can open the website in a new tab, but apparently this does not work on Apple's Safari browser.

Here's one complaint from Apple iPhone 6S user, who goes by the moniker mor1s-


Never had any problems with my iPhone 6S. Just upgraded to iOS 9.3 without any issues. After the upgrade, I can't click links when searching something on Google in Safari or clicking a link in the Mail, the apps just freeze.

I tried clearing Safari history data/cache, closing all apps and restarting the phone (both regular and holding both home/power key), disabling all sorts of settings form Safari settings, but no luck.. Anyone with an idea how to sort it out? iPhone 6s, iOS 9.3"

Many more complaints have been filed on Apple's official consumer support page. Check them HERE.

So far, Apple has not released any official statement in regard to the Apple Safari glitch, but some aggrieved device owners have contacted the company's customer care, which has reportedly assured them that the company is aware of the issue and its engineers are already working hard to find a solution and release a new software patch to fix the bug.

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