[Representational Image] iOS 9.3 jailbreak status: New Apple iOS 9.3 beta v5.0 can be jailbroken, says hacker Picture: A man inspects the Apple iPhone 6 Plus at an electronics store in Mumbai, India, July 23, 2015.Reuters

Last week, Apple fixed the activation bug detected in the recently-released iOS 9.3 update, but now the company is facing flak for another major glitch in the new OS that is making iPhones, iPad and iPods users unable to browse the web.

Apple device owners, who recently upgraded to the new iOS 9.3, are unable to open website links on mails and other messaging apps. The users have also complained that they are unable to open the hyperlinks through Apple Safari web browser. Several reports also suggest that Google Chrome also doesn't help as the screen of their devices freeze.

Even clearing cache memory, closing all apps and rebooting the device does not help.

Peeved off by the glitch, Apple device owners are flooding the company support forums and social media platform Twitter with abuses to get the attention of Cupertino-based firm.

This is embarrassing for Apple as the company took more than one-and-a-half month for testing, during which seven beta versions were released to the registered developers to fine tune the iOS 9.3 and yet two major glitches were detected in the firmware.

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Taking cognisance of severity of the issue, Apple has officially acknowledged the existence of the bug and promised to roll out the new update, probably iOS 9.3.1, soon.

"We are aware of this issue, and we will release a fix in a software update soon," Apple said in a statement.

Watch this space for more updates.