Apple iOS 10: Truecaller integrates with CallKit Extension API for better spam call filtering
Apple iOS 10: Truecaller integrates with CallKit Extension API for better spam call filteringTrueCaller

As Apple's iOS 10 operating system gets ready to be unveiled on Sept.13, Truecaller has now officially launched a new spam identification and blocker that leverages iOS 10's Call Kit Extension.

The CallKit Extension is an application program interface (API) that is claimed to better the overall mechanism of real-time identification of calls in iOS 10. This will integrate with a brand new version of Truecaller app to display information and thereby tag calls as genuine/trustworthy or spam by identifying their sources.

Folks at Truecaller claim that the efficiency of spam call detection rose by nearly 50% during testing, by having the CallKit integrated with the new version of the app on a test iPhone handset running iOS 10.

"In our early testing, we've seen Spam detection rates on iPhone increase by more than 50% in some markets, reaching upwards of 90% of all spam calls made to our users," said Tom Hsieh, Truecaller's Vice-President for Partnerships and Growth.

Also, Truecaller added further that with the CallKit integration users would no longer have to search manually for identity of unknown numbers in case there are missed calls. The new integration is said to be efficient enough of displaying info about the legitimacy of a call. Truecaller also claims that spam calls would be better reported and recorded within the Truecaller database.

Finally, a new "My Block List" functionality will also be introduced by Truecaller to iOS 10 users. This lets users add unwanted numbers to a blacklist and thereby exercise control over calls.