Apple iOS 10 update bricks iPhones, iPads: How to fix it?
[Representational Image] iOS 10 weakens iCloud backup security; Apple to release patch to plug the loophole. In Picture: iOS 10Apple Official Website

Earlier this week, Apple released the brand new iOS 10 to select iPhones, iPads and iPods. The latest update measures a whopping 1.01GB in size and comes with a slew of new apps, revamped UI, improvements to Siri digital assistant, enhanced messaging app, refurbished Maps and other numerous value-added features to enhance user-experience.

To provide a better perspective, we have briefly described all the major upgrades of the Apple iOs 10 update here:

1) Messages:

With the new iOS 10, iPhone and iPad (LTE) owners will find texting lot more fun, as Apple has introduced a whole set of new Emojis, bubble effect feature, invisible ink, full screen effect for greetings, hand written animation effect, Digital Touch that lets users send sketches, taps and heartbeats, and also a new iMessage store, where you can download stickers to send and place on text bubbles and photos.

2) Improved Siri:

The new iOS 10 allows Siri to work in many more third party apps such as messaging apps (to send, search and read back texts), Voip apps to place call, ride apps to book cabs, payment apps to make personal amount transaction, CarPlay automaker apps to adjust climate, radio, seat, and personal settings, and also take oral instructions to search images.

3) Enhanced Maps app:

With iOS 10, Apple completely revamped the UI on Maps to make it simple and easy to use. It can intuitively make suggestion on places users are likely to go next, based on your routine or appointments in the calendar, also improved search with new callout design, clustered results and category filters and Weather for the currently viewed area. 

It also gives options to mark home, work, favourite locations, and locations from the upcoming Calendar events. Maps will also show gas stations, food, and coffee shops along the route.

Other notable inclusions include display of location details of where the user's car is parked via CarPlay or Bluetooth, option to find alternate routes to avoid tolls and high way and users can now make a reservation within Maps using extensions from participating reservations apps.

4) Photos:

Apple iOS 10 comes with improved Photos app with advanced face recognition technology with deep learning ability that can automatically group similar faces together to form an album.

It also boasts object and scene recognition to intelligently search for photos by what's in them using advanced computer vision that scans your library locally on device.

New features also place album to see all your photos, videos and Live Photos on a map and intelligently highlights forgotten events, trips, and people, and presents them in a well sequenced collection with share option.

5) Home:

Apple's iOS 10 comes with new Home app to securely manage and control HomeKit enabled devices such as smart bulbs, security system and other appliances with option to share home access with family and friends.

It provides remote access and automation of accessories with Apple TV or iPad.

6) Apple Music:

Apple iOS 10 comes with an all-new designed Apple Music app that brings greater clarity and simplicity.

Users will find navigation on Library easy, as it comes with an improved menu and also see all of the downloaded songs that you can play on your device while offline.

Apple iOS 10 via 'For You' feature recommends playlists, albums, based on the music and artists you love, and also provide exclusively curated playlists, and new releases — picked by Apple Music editors each week. 

With the new Apple Music, users will get live access to Beats 1 radio station and be able to get curated station for any genre of music.

Apple has also improved the 'Now Playing' feature Users can now swipe 'up' to view the available lyrics and also be able to quickly see or edit songs that are coming up next.

7) Apple News:

In the new iOS 10 update, Apple has revamped user interface of News app with bold typography, vibrant colour, and distinct sections to make the articles more readable.

Apple News app will get live feed on important activities and stories curated by editors and also most trending topics, feature-stories, columns, breaking stories all through the day from pre-selected media sources.

Users will also have option to subscribe to from favourite magazines and newspapers directly in the Apple News app. With this, users will no longer need to install separate media app and waste devices storage.

Another notable aspect of Apple News is that it comes with personalised Today View widget. It lets users keep up with the latest stories throughout the day.

8) Improved User-experience:

With iOS 10, Apple has finally introduced the much needed 'Raise to Wake' feature, which was present on Android and Windows phones for a long time. It automatically wakes the screen as the user raises the iPhone to the view the real time notifications.

Apple has also refurbished the Control Center with easier to access controls including dedicated cards for music playback, Home and access to quick actions for Flashlight, Timer, Calculator and Camera.

Apple has also expanded use of 3D Touch. On Lock screen, users can expand the view and access to quick actions, new quick actions for built in apps like Weather, Stocks, Reminders, Health, Home, FaceTime, iCloud Drive, Settings and also 'Clear all' option in Notification Center.

9) QuickType:

The new Apple iOS 10 brings new emoji, including gender diverse options to existing characters, single parent family variations and rainbow flag.

Apple iOS 10-powered devices will now support Multi-lingual typing that lets users to text in two languages at once without having to switch keyboards.

It also provides contextual predictions for current location, recent addresses, contact information and calendar availability using Apple's deep neural network technology, which can also learn typing behaviour over time and increase accuracy in prediction.

10) Improvements specific to iPhone:

With iOS 10, Apple iPhone users will now be able to detect spam calls with identification apps and also take calls on the Lock screen, including support for Call Waiting, Mute and Do Not via third party apps.

Other notable enhancements include:

  • Magnifier app now uses the camera on your iPhone or iPad like a digital magnifying glass for real-life objects
  • New range of display colour filters to support different forms of colour blindness or other vision challenges
  • Apple Pay in Safari
  • View two pages at once using Split View in Safari on iPad
  • Notes collaboration lets user invite people to work on your notes together
  • Health adds support for health records and organ donation (US Only)
  • Stabilisation support for Live Photos for improved camera capture
  • Live Filters support when capturing Live Photos
  • iCloud Drive now supports Desktop and Documents folders from macOS
  • Siri support for Spanish (Chile), Chinese (Cantonese - China), English (Ireland), English (South Africa)
  • New fonts for Chinese and Japanese script based keyboard
  • New definition dictionaries in Traditional Chinese, Danish and bilingual dictionaries in Dutch and Italian
  • Switch control now lets users control iOS, macOS and tvOS all from the same iPhone or iPad, so they don't need to configure switches for the secondary device
  • Software TTY allows users to place and receive TTY calls without the need for traditional hardware teletypewriter accessories