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Apple MacBook Pro receiving free fix from

Apple has announced that it will be replacing Apple USB-C charge cables that were shipped with MacBook computers between April and June 2015. It called for replacement due to a "design issue" in the cable.

The affected cables might not charge the MacBook at all or might charge it intermittently when connected to power adapter, said the company in its Support page.

As replacement, Apple is providing new and redesigned USB-C cables free of cost. Customers who bought these cables as standalone accessory will also be provided with replacement. 

Apple will be sending new cable to Macbook owners who have provided a valid mailing address during the registration of the product. These cables will be sent by February 2016. Other customers facing the issue and who are eligible owners of MacBook can:

Apple will be requiring the user's MacBook serial number to verify eligibility for this program.

It also noted that this is a worldwide program and will not be extending the standard warranty coverage of the MacBook. This program will be available until June 8, 2018.